How to Clean a Waterhog Mat Quickly and Easily

How to Clean a Waterhog Mat

Keeping your Waterhog mat clean is essential to ensure that it looks its best and lasts for years. A Waterhog mat can be an expensive investment, but with the right care and maintenance, you can ensure that it looks good for a long time.

In this article, we will discuss the best practices for keeping your Waterhog mat clean. You’ll learn how to remove dirt, mud, and other debris from the mat’s surface in order to keep it looking like new. We’ll also discuss how to spot-clean tough stains and how to prevent them in the future. Plus, you’ll learn a few tips on caring for your Waterhog to make sure it looks perfect all year round.

By the end of this article, you should have everything you need to keep your Waterhog mat looking great and lasting longer. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Waterhog Mat and Why Do You Need to Clean It?

A Waterhog mat is a floor mat that has been specifically created to catch and absorb moisture and dirt from shoes, keeping your floors clean. Its top surface is constructed of a special fabric combination that is soft enough to prevent slipping but yet resistant to dampness, mildew, and fading.

Unique ridged borders on the sides of the mat keep dirt from escaping while also keeping it firmly in place. The mat’s anti-skid rubber backing on the underside helps it stay put while protecting your floors.

Because these mats are exposed to water, mud, and spills all day long, cleaning them is an essential aspect of their maintenance. If you don’t regularly clean your Waterhog mats, dirt and debris could build up in the ridges and reduce their ability to absorb liquid or trap dirt in outdoor settings. You must therefore adhere to regular cleaning procedures to keep your Waterhog mats clean.

How to Vacuum Your Waterhog Mat

Vacuuming your Waterhog Mat is the best way to ensure your mat stays clean and durable. Vacuuming removes debris, dirt, and dust from the fibers and extends the lifespan of your mat. You should do this routinely and as often as needed, especially if it is in a particularly high traffic area or has been outside for a prolonged period of time.

Here are some tips for how to keep your mat clean:

  • Move the vacuum in one direction across the surface of the mat.
  • Use a vacuum with an adjustable head to loosen any stubborn dirt or debris caught deep within the fibers of your Waterhog Mat.
  • Use attachments like crevice tools or soft bristles to help reach deeper down into the fibers. This will also help prevent damage to fibers when you’re vacuuming.
  • Make sure you empty the vacuum bag regularly while vacuuming your Waterhog Mat – this will ensure that it is pulling up dirt instead of just spreading it around even more.
  • When you’re done vacuuming, make sure that you rinse off any lingering dust particles from the surface of the mat with a hose or a damp cloth.

Removing Stains From Waterhog Mats

Waterhog Mats are designed to be easy to clean and stain-resistant, but accidents happen! If you do find yourself with a pesky stain that won’t come out, there are some best practices you can use to tackle it.


Using a paper towel or cloth, gently blot the stained area before using any further stain removal techniques. Change to a new paper towel or cloth if it comes away stained until the majority of the extra liquid has been absorbed. For particularly difficult stains, you might also give a hoover cleaner attachment for upholstery a go.

Place Cleansing

Try spot cleaning with a light detergent and warm water if you have tough stains that are proving difficult to get rid of. Use a sponge or cloth to soak up some of the cleaning solution, then gently wipe it back and forth over the stained area until the stain is removed. Make careful to follow up by rinsing out any leftover detergent solution with fresh water.

Business Stain Removers

If the aforementioned techniques don’t work, think about spending money on a commercial stain remover made especially for carpets and rugs. You risk discolouring your Waterhog Mat if you don’t carefully follow the instructions and use too much of the product.

Steam Cleaning Guidelines for Waterhog Mats

Steam cleaning is a great way to keep your Waterhog mat looking new. It’s an effective way to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the fibers, and its gentle enough for use on any surface.

But it’s important to follow the proper guidelines when steam cleaning your Waterhog mat. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Temperature Settings

Set the temperature of the water used for steam cleaning to between 140°F-165°F (60°C-73°C). Anything above that temperature can damage the fibers of the mat.

Wring Out Excess Moisture

After steam cleaning the mat, be sure to wring out any excess moisture with a mop or sponge, as this can help prevent water stains and discoloration of the mat.

Deodorize With Baking Soda

Before you start steam cleaning your Waterhog mat, cover it with a light layer of baking soda to keep it smelling fresh. While you clean it, the baking soda will absorb any offensive scents.

You can keep your Waterhog mat looking great for years to come by using these instructions while steam cleaning it!

Tips for Extending the Life of a Waterhog Mat

Cleaning and taking care of your Waterhog Mat will not only keep it looking great, but it can also help extend its life. In addition to the above methods, there are other steps you can take to extend the life of your Waterhog Mat.

Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming can help remove dust and dirt that get trapped in the fibers of the mat. Consider using an attachment brush with soft bristles to gently clean the mat without harming it.

Rotate the Mat

Not only will rotating the mat help reduce wear and tear, but it will also provide even wear over the entire mat. This will help ensure that your Waterhog Mat lasts for years.

Protect the Mat

Using an outdoor protective coating can help keep your Waterhog Mat looking like new. Make sure to choose a coating that is designed specifically for outdoor carpets and rugs to ensure maximum protection.

By taking these steps to protect your Waterhog Mat, you can be sure that it will last for many years while still looking great.

Troubleshooting Common Problems With Waterhog Mats

Checking the manufacturer’s instructions is a smart place to start if you’re having any more issues with your Waterhog Mat. They must to offer at the very least some fundamental advice on how to fix any problems you may be experiencing.

It could be essential in some circumstances to get in touch with the manufacturer’s customer care department directly. They’ll be able to offer more specific guidance and, if required, make arrangements for a replacement mat.

Do not forget to handle your Waterhog Mat with the right lifting methods. To prevent breaking the fibres, make sure to hold the mat’s corners rather than its middle. This will make it more likely that your mat will last for many years in good shape.

Your Waterhog mat will look fantastic and last a very long time if you take the right care of it. To keep your mat in outstanding shape for many years to come, follow the cleaning and maintenance advice in this book.

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Keep your Waterhog mat looking its best by following the best practices for cleaning. Start by vacuuming the mat regularly or shaking it out to keep it free of dirt and debris. When necessary, use an all-purpose cleaner or warm water and soap to deep clean your mat. Be sure to keep the mat dry, but away from direct sunlight. With the right care and maintenance, your Waterhog mat will be looking like new in no time.

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