How to Clean Kinetic Sand With this Easy Guide!

How to Clean Kinetic Sand

Are you stuck with a mountain of kinetic sand that just won’t budge? Have no fear – there is a solution to your cleaning conundrum!

Kinetic sand is an innovative play material that is a great way for kids to explore their creative side. But, as fun as it is for children, cleaning up after playtime can be a real headache.

There are plenty of ways that you can go about cleaning up the mess and restoring your kinetic sand back to its former glory. From using an old toothbrush and soapy water to using a vacuum cleaner, there are many tried-and-tested methods for getting your kinetic sand clean and ready for another day of playful exploration.

We have compiled the ultimate guide on how to clean kinetic sand so you can get back to enjoying your unique and creative play time with ease. Read on to find out more!

Preparing the Kinetic Sand for Cleaning

Cleaning kinetic sand can seem like a miracle – but it can actually be quite simple, if you know how.

The first step in properly cleaning your kinetic sand is to get it ready for cleaning. First, wipe clean your surfaces with a dry or moist towel to get rid of any extra kinetic sand fragments. Use a knife or other flat object to carefully separate any kinetic sand fragments that are stuck together. Before adding any liquid, you should do this because otherwise it can mess up!

After preparing the kinetic sand for cleaning, combine 2 cups of water and 1/3 cup of white vinegar in a jar or basin. Put a small bit of this solution on your fabric and wring it out until there is none remaining. Wipe off the impacted area completely with this damp towel to remove the kinetic sand residue. The vinegar will aid in dissolving and breaking down the residue, making it simpler to clean up and get rid of off your surfaces.

Tools and Supplies Needed for the Job

Cleaning Kinetic Sand is easy, but it does require some supplies. To get the job done right, you’ll need:

  • A ball of sand: Use this to dab the remaining sand and pick it all up.
  • Liquid soap: This will help break down any dirt and oil on the Kinetic Sand.
  • Liquid starch: This will help absorb any excess moisture and make picking up the dabs easier.
  • Glue: Mix together with liquid soap and liquid starch to create a slime-like consistency for cleaning your Kinetic Sand.

As an added bonus, all these items are non-toxic, making them safe for use near kids or pets. Plus, since Kinetic Sand sticks to itself and nothing else, it won’t stick to carpet or other surfaces you might want to clean it off of!

How to Clean the Actual Sand

Kinetic sand cleanup is simpler than you may imagine. By wiping the leftover sand with a ball of sand, it can be quickly cleaned up because it sticks to itself. Moreover, kinetic sand can be vacuumed without using any water or carpet cleaning. A soft brush can be used to remove any remaining sand from hard-to-reach areas such the cracks of furniture and other surfaces.

Dish soap works well to remove kinetic sand from fabrics and other surfaces. Apply a few drops of dish soap to the area, give it a gentle scrub with a washcloth or sponge, and then thoroughly rinse with water. Finally, to help remove extra liquid from the region, use any absorbent material.

Drying and Storage of Kinetic Sand

When it comes to cleaning up Kinetic Sand, you don’t need a miracle—just a couple of simple steps. Fortunately, Kinetic Sand sticks to itself so the process is easy and quick.


If your Kinetic Sand is wet, it’s important to allow it to dry out before you store it away. To do this, simply spread the wet Kinetic Sand onto an absorbent surface such as paper towels and let the excess moisture evaporate.


Once your Kinetic Sand is dry, you can place it in a resealable container and store it in a cool and dry area. Storing your Kinetic Sand properly will help keep it soft and ready for use when you’re ready for more sand play!

Keeping Kinetic Sand Clean for Longer

Cleaning up your Kinetic Sand doesn’t have to be a chore. By following these simple steps, you can keep it clean and tidy for longer:

  1. Vinegar Solution: Create a solution of one part vinegar mixed with two parts of water, and use it to clean up any excess Kinetic Sand. The vinegar will help to break down the molecules in the sand so that it can easily be wiped away.
  2. Gentle Soap and Water: Gently wiping down the surface with a gentle soap and warm water is the best way to clean Kinetic Sand. It’s important to use a mild soap, as harsh chemicals can break down Kinetic Sand and make it less pliable.

For bigger messes, you may want to invest in an air compressor or vacuum cleaner – both work well for getting rid of excess Kinetic Sand when cleaning up. With just a few minutes of effort, your Kinetic Sand will stay clean and ready for hours of fun!

Troubleshooting Any Problems With Kinetic Sand Cleaning

For those of you who may have encountered an issue cleaning Kinetic Sand, or simply want to ensure your sand is in the best condition for playtime, there are a few tips you can follow.

White Vinegar and Distilled Water Solution

If any of the different color Kinetic Sands have combined, or have left pigment on the floor, you may use a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts distilled water. This solution can help to remove any of the colors that may have stuck.

Dish Soap

Although Kinetic Sand is made of oil, oil residue occasionally remains after use. You can eliminate this by cleaning up the mess with a few drops of dish soap and warm water. Any oil that is causing the floor to be sticky will be removed with the aid of this.

Because Kinetic SandTM only adheres to itself, it is vital to keep in mind that dirt or other items may be brought in on toys or clothing and then picked up by the sand. It is always advised to hoover the sand first in this situation before cleaning with any liquids, such as water or soap.

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Children and adults can both benefit from using kinetic sand as a creative outlet, but keeping it clean can be difficult. But with the correct equipment, you can restore the original appearance of your kinetic sand. It’s best to follow the basic instructions for cleaning kinetic sand listed above to make sure you’re doing it correctly and to extend the life of your kinetic sand. Also, only use detergents designed for kinetic sand, as the majority of conventional cleaners can harm it. You can use your kinetic sand for many years if you take good care of it and clean it frequently.


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