The Best Easy Way to Clean Powder Coated Wheels

How to Clean Powder Coated Wheels

You’ve likely heard of powder coating before, but have you ever seen what it can do for a set of wheels? It’s truly something special. The powder coating process bonds the pigments directly to the wheels, making them durable and long-lasting.

No matter how beautiful your powder-coated wheels look today, however, they won’t last if you don’t take care of them. Cleaning your powder-coated wheels regularly not only preserves their appearance but also prevents the buildup of dirt and grime, which can damage their surface over time. So how can you keep your wheels looking sharp and spick and span?

In this article, I’m going to give you some expert tips on how to clean and maintain your powder-coated wheels so they’ll always look pristine no matter what kind of road conditions you’re up against.

What is Powder Coating?

If you want your wheels to look sparkly, powder coating is the way to go. It’s a dry finishing process, which means that it’s applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. So how does it work? The powder is applied to the surface of the metal via an electrostatic charge; it fuses to the surface once it’s been sprayed on, creating a strong and durable bond that looks great when done right.

Powder coating provides an additional layer of protection against corrosion, making sure your wheels stay looking sharp and shiny for a long time. Aluminum, steel, brass, and copper are just a few examples of the metals that can benefit from this kind of coating, which adds an extra layer of defense against abrasion and other types of damage brought on by regular wear and tear on the road. Plus, if you ever want to give your wheels a makeover, powder coating can also be applied as many times as necessary without further damaging the surface.

Prep Your Car for Powder Coated Wheel Cleaning

Prep Your Car for Powder Coated Wheel Cleaning

The best way to keep your car looking great is to practice regular care and maintenance. When it comes to powder-coated wheels, proper cleaning is key. To get the best results, there’s some preparation you should do before you start cleaning.

First, check the wheel’s condition. If the wheel is damaged or worn, cleaning could worsen its condition. If that’s the case, you’ll need to have it repaired or replaced before you can proceed with a deep cleaning.

Second, apply a layer of powder-based paint on the inner barrels of your wheel—this will help protect them against corrosion and discoloration over time. Finally, grab a soft-bristled brush, some mild detergent like soap, and warm water. Now that you’re all set up for success, let’s get started on cleaning those powder-coated wheels.

What Tools to Use for Cleaning Powder-Coated Wheels

When it comes to cleaning powder-coated wheels, it’s important to use the right tools. Abrasive tools like scouring pads, steel wool, and other more aggressive products should never be used to clean powder-coated wheels. Instead, opt for sponges, soft brushes, and even chamois cloths, as these will be much gentler on the surface of your wheels.

As opposed to harsher substitutes like bleach or other household products, when using these tools, start with a mild cleaner that is made for cleaning automotive surfaces. Apply liberally to the surface of the wheel, and then scrub in a circular motion with a sponge or brush. A dry cleaner can affect how well your wheels are protected, so be careful not to let it sit on the wheel.

It’s also important to rinse off with water afterward to remove any remaining residue from cleaning.

How to Clean Powder-Coated Wheels at Home

Here is some professional guidance on how to keep your powder-coated wheels in top condition. First, your best chance is to create a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Run the wheels through the water and soap mixture to fully submerge them in the mixture before continuing. Any dirt or debris that has adhered to the wheel surface should be removed by doing this.

Following that, you can use a gentle cleanser to make sure all of the dirt is removed. However, be careful not to let it dry; remove any remaining cleanser as quickly as you can. The best cleaning tool is a soft cloth, but if the work calls for it, you can also use a brush or sponge.

Finally, rinse them off with water one last time and dry them with a clean cloth or paper towel. By following these steps, you’ll have powder-coated wheels that shine like new.

Tips & Tricks to Get Your Wheels Super Shiny and Clean

Tips & Tricks to Get Your Wheels Super Shiny and Clean

Getting your powder-coated wheels super shiny and clean is easier than you might think. Here are some tips and tricks for getting the job done:

  1. Use mild soap and water or a dedicated powder-coated wheel cleaner to clean powder-coated wheels. Be sure to read the instructions on the cleaner, as some cleaners may require mixing with water before application.
  2. For tough dirt, use a soft brush to scrub it off the wheel’s surface. Avoid using any type of abrasive materials or chemical cleaners as they may damage your wheels’ finish.
  3. To protect your powder-coated wheels from grime buildup, use a mild cleaner, such as dish soap, regularly. Do not let it dry on the wheels, however, as that could dull their shine over time.

By following these tips and tricks, your powder-coated wheels will be spick-and-span in no time!

Things You Should Avoid When Cleaning Powder-Coated Wheels

When it comes to cleaning your powder-coated wheels, it’s important to avoid harsh chemicals, solvents, and detergents. Abrasive cleaners can damage the powder coating finish and cause it to look patchy or worn. This is why you should never use wheel cleaner on powder-coated wheels.

Using harsh chemicals like all-purpose cleaning products or degreasers will strip the protective coating of your wheels, leaving them exposed to oxidation and corrosion. You also want to stay away from storm drain cleaners, oven cleaners, paint remover, and ammonia when tackling tough stains on a powder-coated wheel.

To conclude, keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid using abrasive or acidic cleaners on a powder-coated wheel.
  • Skip the all-purpose degreasers or cleaning products.
  • Don’t use an oven cleaner or paint remover on powder-coated wheels.
  • Stay away from ammonia for tough stains.


Keeping your powder-coated wheels clean is a bit of an art, but it doesn’t have to take up all of your time. With the right tools and products, you can easily keep your wheels looking their best. From simple maintenance with a microfiber cloth and water to more complex efforts such as coating and waxing, having powder-coated wheels doesn’t have to be a chore.

No matter how you choose to clean your powder-coated wheels, the key is to use the right products and tools and to make sure that you are gentle with your wheels throughout the process. With proper maintenance, your powder-coated wheels will look fantastic for years to come.

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